Practice practice practice

I am currently practicing like crazy lately. I started calligraphy back in the beginning of 2016. I first discovered this art on instagram, Amanda Arneil. Her work was so beautiful and I thought…I want to write like that. So I bought a pen (and not even close to being the right type) and thought I could do it on my own. Nope. That didn’t quite work out. So I decided to take her class and I’m so grateful I did. I learned all the basic strokes, techniques.

I went through a period of going calligraphy crazy. Then we moved from Alaska to Ohio. And I pretty much stopped going crazy. I lost inspiration. I did it here and there but not committed to it. I was so unmotivated.

I got into watercolor painting and fell in love with that for two years. We then moved to Alabama. I started to get inspired. Maybe it was because it was a new place, new start for our family. Maybe it was because I was just happy to be out of Ohio. (believe me I tried to like it there, but it was not what i expected).

I started combining my watercolor painting and calligraphy together. Now that was real fun!

Yes, I found one of my niches! paint & calligraphy. plus a little doodling too. I got so much great feedback and people were telling me that I should sell my stuff. I decidedly recently to go for it. I created a separate IG account (wink…it’s in the upper right corner), watched tons of calligraphy biz ideas and tips on youtube, signed up for an online calligraphy course, came to a decision to open an Etsy shop in the near future (after much research on what platforms to use) and now this website (still in progress as of this blog post).

I’m really going for it. I am. Next up, finalize this site and publish it! Can’t wait to see what else happens. So grateful and blessed.

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