Cards for Kindness

I love these cards. But they’re no longer in my possession. They are now in the hands of Scrapbook.com for their ongoing project, Cards for Kindness. So that’s a good thing. But at least I can replicate these easily. Watercolor wash background, big splatters that I blew across each card, and little splatters to boot. Then I wrote in calligraphy and messy-like style with a pocket brush simple sentiments. Voila! So awesomely beautiful and funky! This may be my niche for cards. But.. I do always try new ways of doing stuff. But I love this style I did. Wish I kept one of them. LOL.

here’s a couple…

I’m so in love with those blowouts and splatters. Gotta create more for my upcoming shop. Yes. Must do.

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