hey BE good

so yesterday after I taught my awesomely fun zumba class, i made a to-do list. i was all ready to get going with cleaning up my Pinterest account. but i got distracted and created what you see here.

i had no plan or sketch, i just chalked it out of the bloom. because i was feeling this at the moment. this got me inspired to do more chalk lettering. so you’ll be seeing more of it in the near future. i love doing this stuff. yes.

but before i leave this post to enjoy the rest of my weekend…here are the deetz (aka details)…

this was a diy chalkboard… chalk board paint on part of an iPad box. genius huh? the box was sturdy and one strong mofo. might as well use what ya got at home. and i love using a pencil eraser to add the shadowing on the downstrokes of my letters. so cool.

got to do more of this. will do. stay tuned.

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