time for wood..

changing it up onto wood. got these square 6×6 wood panels from walmart awhile back. they came in a package of 3. i saw and i said..hmmm i gotta write on this. lol. that happens when i’m in a store where i’m suppose to be focused on something else (usually i’m focused, on a mission and outta there).

had an idea to paint them with payne’s gray acrylic, one coat. just swiped it on messy. as cardi b sang it out loud and proud, and, i’m borrowing her words, ” i said i like it like that.”

and i’ll be tackling this big thang i got from a thrift store for, and get this…. $2!!!! you read that right! gotta get more from there! such treasures you can find in a thrift store.

can’t wait to add my style and words on these. and of course… i’m gonna post it here soon. after all sharing is caring. happy sunday!

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