Window Doodles of Florals and Leaves

Night and day. last night while watching/listening a movie, Like a Boss, i got going with some chalk markers I got from Williams Sonoma/Pottery Barn (unfortunately, their store at this location closed permanently). I thought i would just practice some doodling of these flowers and leaves, just random pattern, no plan, no sketch. just winged it. i guess i just needed to do these without the stress of thinking too hard about it. so fun so fun. I love how it turned out. not too bad for a first time of these on our master bedroom window. this is actually my second time doing this. my first time was this:

a good try on the first. i actually didn’t know what to draw, just winged it again with snow flakes plus i needed the practice not the flakes. still loved them.

and before i go gonna share the deetz on the florals (daylight only):


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