Canvas art: watercolor & calligraphy

faux calligraphy in permanent marker on water color background on canvas

I love this quote. and no. of course, it’s not mine. i wish i came up with it (sorry I don’t know who made it up). but shit …it’s so true in my life. and should be in everyone’s, don’t you think so? (Sidebar: yes, I cuss. i’ll f-bomb once in awhile in my blog. it just comes out and that’s how i feel. so you’ll have to rate this blog PG-13, R is way too much. LMFAO!)

I was actually nervous doing this one, because of its size, 11×14. this is my first big ass piece! it turned out pretty good. so yes i practice what i preach, as the quote notes. so proud of myself. i plan on doing this size again someday.

my fave part….

… the metallic splatters. I seem to do that as my last thang when I’m pretty much done with a piece. I just love the messiness of it all and it gives it that “finished touch.”

I do have to say the one thing I should have done, was sketch lighter and erased better before i added the watercolor. grrr. once you add that medium, that pencil becomes permanent. oh well. lesson learned.

i was doing this out of my comfort zone anyway. ha.

i’ve held on to this piece long enough, this one will definitely be going into my future shop. my aim is to come up with 10 pieces before my grand opening. so far i have 2, 8 more to go. LOL. oh…this is definitely out of my comfort zone, fo’ sho’!

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