calligraphy on an iPad cover? whaaat?!?

just doing a quick post. i just realized I didn’t post yesterday. bad (slapping hand with the other one)!

anyway, sharing this tidbit of some calligraphy i did on the inside of my iPad cover. i had done it in white Posca and it looked awesome!

white Posca marker in modern calligraphy in iPad cover

then dang it started chipping off. so i said let’s try black on top of that.

black posca marker inside iPad cover

that was dope, even with the white showing in the background. that was a bit of an accident. but hey accidents happen and most times they turn out so cool. oh so cool.

…but then…that started chipping too. ugh! prob need some protectant on it? i have yet experimented with that option. maybe next time.

but… and yes another but… i said to myself after a light bulb hit me in the head… why not on the inside of the cover? why not? let me see…

so far it’s working out. give it some time and maybe i’ll let you in another post.

for now have a good one and until next time (that maybe soon hmmm), happy sunshine!

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