work hard, be kind, stay humble

faux calligraphy and lettering with posca and molotow markers on a payne’s gray acrylic painted background on 6×6 square wood panels

yes! Saturdays are always welcome. i still work hard, i’m always kind and humble with my students. students? not only do i do calligraphy/lettering and art, I also teach a badass Zumba class! these panels remind how I am when it comes to working and being.

doing these was so awesomely fun. i had bought these panels from walmart. I wanted to experiment with a different shape and of course surface. so love how the white pops out from the payne’s gray background. i love the dry brushing effect on the edges of the panels. so so cool.

I tried both posca (water-based) and molotow (acrylic) markers to see which one was better. both actually were pretty nice and opaque after doing two coats. I plan on putting some kind of protectant on them. found two protectants i’m gonna try out. the one i have right now, i have a feeling they would make the posca markers smear/bleed out. wish me luck on that. any suggestions?

gotta say next time i work on wood, i’m gonna sand it. i noticed that the markers snagged on the surface in a few spots.

here they are individually:

what’s next? well right now I am holding off opening shop. i want to do a couple of things before the shop route. gotta make sure that this biz is legit before listing it all out and doing a grand opening. i have my biz IG, pinterest and i have a biz email account. so far so good. taking it step by step.

work hard. be kind. stay humble.

yes, yes, yes.

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