those watercolor splatters are to die for

watercolor painting of some card covers, those watercolor splatters are so beautiful. so beautiful.

so it’s sunday y’all. it’s a rest day from written word calligraphy’s creative calligraphy course. so grateful for days off. breaks are such a necessity. but i do use breaks to do other creative endeavors, like these watercolor splatters…

earlier this morning while doing this and then doing yoga, i got to thinking, that definitely greeting cards would be a great start for my shop. i can combine my love of paint and calligraphy together with card making. i’ll prob have a little bit of doodling. no portraits, please. i’m not that kinda gal.

i have so many ideas for this greeting card niche, it’s kind of overwhelming. been writing the shit down. oh! ^<– i can use that as a quote on one of my cards. oh shiznit! got lots of quotes written down. my niche on that will be a little bit of sarcasm, humor and you may see a little cussing here and there. hey, that’s my style baby!

this shit is about to go down. ….oh! another quote. must… write… down. lol.

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