those watercolor backgrounds are ready to be written on

backgrounds made from prima watercolors; splatters painted with finetec metallic; random blending.

for the past two days I have been creative with some watercolor painting. just backgrounds, because that’s what i was feeling. i was inspired to do them. i definitely do most of my art stuff when i’m inspired by things, people, stuff or just because.

get a load of the blue/teals and purple/yellow combos i did two days…

i have got to add my calligraphy style to them. what should i write? it has got to be inspirational and a little sarcastic. i don’t know, whatever comes up or maybe i may find a quote that will just smack me in the face, like BOOM! LOL.

oh and these purple and pink shades… love these…

i started with just coloring with these stabilo 3-in-1 pencils. these are so fun to play with. gotta say they are a fave and they are cute too because they’re a bit chunky. (forming a heart with my hands). once you add water and blend with a brush, you get this amazing look. i added a few, or actually a lot of metallic splatters to finish it off.

and here it is in the sun light….

oh i love it. but i could also be bias because purple is my jam. can’t wait to add my calligraphy skills on this one too. hmm what to say what to say… stay tuned.


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