calligraphy art

Digital Calligraphy Art – Around the Way Girl

The final piece in digital form with Procreate.

Woh! This turned out pretty good. This is my first piece I’ve ever done digitally with one of watercolor paintings.

Here’s the original art piece I had done awhile back in one of watercolor painting journals:

“Around the Way Girl” Original piece. Prima watercolors and Moleskin journal.

I brought it into Procreate, did a rough sketch.

Rough sketch in Procreate.

I love Procreate. Love the color tool and the layers panel. Such an awesome tool. I’m still learning and things are always changing. Yes.

Here’s how it all looks before I added some calligraphy:

Woot woot! I’ll definitely be playing again like this…so fun. How do you digitize your artwork?

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