It’s all about the Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! It kinda feels weird it’s on a Sunday. We spent this day together as a family of 3. We rented a house for the holiday weekend. But we ended up making it short and coming back home today due to inclement weather tomorrow. Grateful we did. Home is where the heart is. (It was a nice rental BnB but in a somewhat sketchy town, so we were a bit skeptical and a little uncomfy).

Anyway, hubby made steak sandwiches for dinner. Which were pretty good. Grateful and even more grateful for the love of my family.

Before I close this off here are the deetz for the first card:

And for the second card:

LOVE LOVE LOVE how they turned out. Gotta do more like these for my future shop. Hope you all have an awesome V-Day/Night.

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