Practice, Practice, Practice

taking this calligraphy course has been such an awesome experience. I learned so much from Karla. loved this homework being able to connect letters and writing names.

it seems i have a pattern lately of doing weekly posts. i may have to stick with that for a bit but hoping to at least twice a week. i wasn’t feeling too good this Monday. felt all yucky and achy. it was a major rest day for me that day. grateful I did, i think my body and mind were just exhausted. tuesday felt better but not 100%, partial rest day. wednesday, i was all good. and i was on FIYAAAH when i taught my zumba class that night. full house. i was back in the game, plus that day i did manage to start on wood seating chart too.

guidelines are your best friend when it comes to doing a big canvas such as this wood panel frame i got at a thrift store for $2.00… yes… $2.00! so love the Stabilo All Aquarelle white pencil, it works on all kinds of surfaces and comes off easily with a damp soft cloth.

I have been experimenting on different surfaces like on this wood frame. so fun. had fun doing a seating chart. i’ve done plenty of research on how to do one on youtube. everyone does it differently.

i found what works for me: list of attendees on a Word document, how many attendees, counting the letters in each name, determining how many tables and per person (of course, if you were doing this for a client, they would provide the list of names, # of tables and # of persons/table); alignment of names per table, layout, guidelines, trace all names and check out how they lay on the canvas, edits, erase a few of the guidelines not needed, edit more, retrace all names & details with a marker of choice (I used fine & medium point Bistro Marvy Uchida chalk markers, edit even more, and add final details.

I’ll be sharing the final piece in a later post. ooo…. the mystery. LOL.

what else have i been up to?

these quotes… more quotes please.

got to do envelope addressing as part of the Creative Calligraphy Course. honestly, loved doing them. but the one thing I would do differently, is do block lettering for the street and city, state and zip code. just so it is easily readable with the post office. it’s beautiful in calligraphy style, but to prevent from any delays in mailing, block is better.

and oh man, numbers in calligraphy style… awesomely gorgeous. i totally enjoyed doing this part of the course. i am so grateful for this course, my numbers will never look the same after this. yup.

and sneak peeks of small projects i’ve been “experimenting” with….

on a flat 8×10 canvas…

and this… can’t share this in full yet as this is for someone very special in my life. but what i can say: watercolor + pointed pen + white paint + paint brush + card….

watercolor paint + white paint + pointed pen + brush = artful bliss; love the effect of how the watercolor spread on the paper.

yesterday i worked on some window art here at home and completed the wood seating chart I mentioned earlier in this post. but… i think that can be shared in the near future. wink.

well enjoy your weekend. looking forward in hearing from you and sharing more. xoxo.

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