love that window

Oh yes, window art. LOVE.

so this is one of our master bedroom windows. just getting my practice on. those leaves. that word.

i did the leaves first. wrote in calligraphy style, chalked up and traced my word “Love.” then added onto the window with a a Stabilo All-in-One pencil.

then the final touch was filling it in with a chalk marker and giving it 2 coats especially on the downstroke.

I went outside too. wish these were a better view of it, but in person…so awesomely beautiful, if i do say so myself.

night shots too…

i have got to do more of these. and on a bigger one. just to see what i can do and go the next level.

i can see it now… florals, botanical leaves, words. sigh…..

can’t wait.

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