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oh that green

calligraphy in green ink of our family tree
calligraphy in green of family of 5

happy friday y’all! this has been busy. i am still on a roll practicing my skills. yesterday i did a few envelopes. on average it takes me about 4-7 minutes to do one in simple modern calligraphy no flourishes. the envelopes were a bit of a cheaper quality so it made my ink spread a bit on the downstrokes. my hairlines were pretty much non-existent. sad face on this mama and disappointment. learned my lesson on getting better quality. actually the envelopes were from years ago of our second wedding ceremony. next time i’ll try the one i bought from Hobby Lobby, The Paper Studio brand. crossing my fingers on that one.

i posted this photo of my green inked calligraphy on instagram the other day and it was pretty much a hit. everyone loved the green. hmm. i wasn’t sure i wanted to use it in the first place, it’s not my first choice. but it’s grown on me. i kinda like it. my only complaint with this ink is it’s a bit thin and blotched on certain part of the swells. solution: gum arabic that i’ll be getting this monday from John Neals Books. crossing my fingers on that.

i played with some gouache the other day too. love to write with it. earlier this morning i created a few sample in tiny jars. it took a bit to get the consistency down, but whew, finally did it. can’t wait to play with them more.

time start the weekend off on a great note… first up teach my zumba class. woot woot! have a great Saturday & Sunday! xoxo.

2 thoughts on “oh that green”

  1. Your handlettering is so lovely! The green looks really cool, and the way it ended up looking on the envelope almost makes it look different shades of green. 💚
    I’m fairly new to making art (at least with ink and markers) and I won’t think about the quality of paper until it’s too late lol, and it’s bled through! I have to start paying more attention


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