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quote and a word please…

use of pointed pen for a friend’s favorite phrase/quote. florals add that special touch to it.

so i posted on my personal facebook page… what is your favorite quote or word? then i said I would write out calligraphy style. i got a few responses and this was the first one. love it. love the quote too. my fave thought is the little doodles of florals i added at the entrance and exit strokes.

and here’s a friend’s fave word in arabic gold. man… Finetec (AKA Coliro) makes some amazing metallics, pearlescent, shimmery paints. LOVE.

style #1 of this beautiful one word, “grace.” bouncing and different heights of the letters is so chic.

this is style #2 in both indoor and outdoor lighting, respectively. kerning the letters is another way i love to change the look of a word.

OMG… that gold just shimmers. i was able to capture it indoors but it was a bit challenging to get it outdoors. weird that happened. but i still love both ways.

i got more to share using different inks. my newest fave is this vermillion sumi ink by kaimei 1898. i tried to get the moon palace version, but apparently, it’s pretty popular and out of stock everywhere i looked. but shit… this one is dabombDOTcom. smooth like buttah! i’ll be sharing a simple piece in a way later post.

what else have i been up to? well i just finished up two art pieces with calligraphy, one in watercolor using watercolor pencils and another in oil pastels. can’t wait to show them off. just gotta photograph and edit and scan edit them. (my scanner isn’t the best, any recommendations? so far I’ve seen the Epson V600 all over youtube with great reviews and it’s on my wish list).

well have an awesome day! until next time, take care!


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