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International Women’s History Month

Song title of “I’m every woman” by Chaka Khan; international women’s history month; vermillion ink

oh i just love this ink. i heard about this vermillion ink in a podcast featuring Suzanne Cunningham. she had mentioned the Moon Palace one but it was so hard to find or every where i looked, it was out of stock. i found a different brand by kaimei…. SO GRATEFUL i got this….it’s like buttah baby. it writes and glides on so smoothly on my rhoda graph paper (even on HP Premium 32 lb paper!). i’m not sure i’ll ever use it on a piece, but at least for practice it’s fun!

as you know this month is international women’s history month ( i know i’m a bit late posting, but whatever). (March 8th was int’l women’s day). what a celebration it is for us women. we have come a long way. of course there are still a few challenges at times, but for the most part, we got it going on. i so appreciate the women who lead the way and those who are leading now and those who will keep leading into the future. so grateful. so blessed. even more grateful for small businesses for women and women-owned. yes.

well today… schools and a few businesses like where I work, SE YMCA are closed due to severe weather conditions. tornado watch. severe storms. as i look out my window, the sky is a bit of a darker gray, calm and it’s been raining all day. but it’s suppose to get bad later on. hmm. idk. but things can change. we’ll just stay safely together.

i’ve been working on pricing an art piece of mine…. this one…

water color background on raised canvas with faux outline calligraphy (products used: Prima Marketing and Hydracolour watercolors, Winsor & Newton canvas, Faber-Castell black brush pen).

it has been taking forever to price it. i’ve only so far covered the cost of materials and supplies. i haven’t tackled labor and overhead. pricing seems to be the most challenging of have a small business (it’s all over youtube, luckily i’m not alone on this issue). but i’ll get there. i just had to take a bit of a break from it, i was getting really overwhelmed. but i am lucky my hubby suggested a few things i didn’t think of. love him so much. in due time, i’ll get back into pricing it. i’m just also fearful i guess. but i’ll get over it. LOL.

can’t wait to open shop. yes it’s been taking a bit, but i’ll get there too.

laterz. xoxo.

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