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oh that glossy ink

majiscule and minuscule letters using Ziller glossy black in on graph Rhodia paper

i am starting to get into the groove of doing more words instead of just letters. connecting them with one another is so much more fun. LOL. of course I still practice my basic strokes and individual letters especially the uppercase letters B, D, I, J, and P. they seem to be the ones that keep challenging me. but i’m starting to find my own style with those. and that makes me so happy. practice, practice, practice is the key to becoming an awesome calligrapher. but I also believe, that one must always keep practicing and learning. there’s always room for improvement while having fun with it. but most importantly you have to passionately love it. and ya know… I DO fo’ sho’!!! i wouldn’t be doing this if i didn’t. ya know what i’m sayin’?

i love trying new ways of doing each letter. and i’ve found what i love the most. but I also know ya gotta keep your options open, thus more styles. but not too much. nope i’d get overwhelmed and plus i’d be going away from my own style. and we just can’t have that. LOL.

biz stuff… well…it’s taking awhile. my business license application still hasn’t been processed because the city hall is short staffed and they are still going thru renewals. but… i am just gonna use this time wisely: updating this blog (especially the Home page), determining pricing of my art pieces, getting My Google Biz and Voice situated, to name a few. but I can’t to launch this off the ground. patience Jhenn…patience.

before I let ya go… gotta say my fave about these letters….the word at the end “baila” …. YES. love.

oh but what about “Hunt 101” and “Black?” oh boy. guess they’re faves too. LOL.

have a nice sunny weekend! xoxo.

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