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my first seating chart

seating chart on wood as a practice test using chalk markers

wow. i completely forgot to post this. I had finished this in February. this was my first time doing one. this took me about an hour to come up with a rough design, almost an hour putting in guidelines, 1 hour sketch write all the names and title with a white stabilo pencil, then another hour to do write it all in chalk marker and then finally another 10 minutes to add the geometric lines and dots, and then at the last minute i wrote in “,so you can eat..”

i enjoyed every minute of it. but I do now have a way better understanding on why one has to charge at a high rate for one. it definitely takes a lot of time. and this was only for 25 people. man… a hundred would take me a couple of more hours maybe. woh.

I learned though that I should have put a clear coat of polyurethane. this would prevent the chalk markers from bleeding into the wood. i later learned that it make clean up easier so you can use the board again. true story, because it was a challenge taking it all off even with acetone.

i recently sanded it down and will later in the future add a few coats of the polyurethane.

but…. ya know what? i would totally do it again.

bring on the challenge.

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