calligraphy art, canvas, quotes and words

live love laugh dance (canvas art)

white paint on gray’s payne acrylic paint & canvas

wow. i just realized I never got a chance to share this on here (it’s on my instagram @designsbyjhenn).

i used Dr Ph Martin’s Bleedproof white on that beautiful dark background. this is pretty much the same lettering from what i did on my iPad awhile back. love. my IG photos are a bit different than the ones on this post. this time I used my newest purchase Amazon Basics Photo Studio Box. worth the investment especially since most times I can’t seem to get good natural lighting here at home even by the window. i am lucky when i do.

not sure when I will post next as we are going on a trip to visit family for a few days. but this will do for now.

resting up for the rest of the afternoon since i gotta teach my zumba class tonight. then vacation mode.

have a good one. xoxo.

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