calligraphy art, calligraphy practice

coffee & vellum

i love testing out new nibs and ink.

nib: Hunt 22

i am finding certain nibs work on certain surfaces better than others. this Hunt 22 is awesome. not too flexible and not stiff at all. the way it creates hairlines and swells is awesome. it’s going down as a fave. loved using it on a textures surface like this coffee sleeve. just playing around.

… now for vellum and gouache….yes let’s talk about it….

testing new purple gouache on vellum; nib: Brause Steno (blue pumpkin)

i was able to get a good consistency with some purple gouache. it took a bit, dropping water, mixing, water, mixing, testing on this Brause Steno nib. i saw this leftover vellum from packing i got from a calligraphy kit by Written Word Calligraphy. wow. it wrote on it like butter. like a butter baby, like buttah.

and those leaves i doodled in… so adorable. writing out the word vellum came out so badass. i need more vellum like this, it was a thick, good quality kind.

can’t wait to play more with all of it again. what’s your fave ink, pen and paper/surface to write on/with? i got lots more. but that’s for another post. let the weekend begin… xoxo.

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