calligraphy art, quotes and words

whatever you are be a good one

oil pastel of freesia with abraham lincoln quote

have i told you i love using oil pastels? well it has been a bit since i’ve used this medium. i’ve been so hooked on watercolor and my dip pen, that i honestly forgot about it. (slapping hand) bad girl. LOL. but i used it here.

i love using different mediums. but i do have to find a better type of paper for oil pastels. a much smoother one as it was a little bit finicky blending it out. but i still love how it all turned out.

I used a sharpie black china marker to outline the floral. i love the effect it gave it. that was pretty much the finale of this piece.

now i just gotta learn how to digitize or vectorize this and other stuff I made so i can resize it and sell them at any size. i have been researching how to do that on youtube and on my recent back to subscription to skillshare. i just love that platform so much to learn from. i’m still debating on pixelmator to do it. adobe is just too expensive. in due time.

i so believe in this quote. that abraham lincoln knows how to say it like it is. i love his quotes. this is my second one of his i’ve used in my art. (i have yet finalized the other one. future post.).

until then… be a good one. xoxo.

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