the envelope, please…

envelope addressing

ok… i love doing envelope addressing.

these were my first ever batch i’ve ever done. i’ve learned what nibs, layout, ink, etc., seem to work best. I love the Hunt 101 and Blue Pumpkin nibs so far. i’ve made mistakes with spelling, had blob accidents, or didn’t quite center the address right. but still… i have enjoyed the process.

i switched to centering the address right smack in the middle…

envelope addressing in center

but i kinda like the address a bit lower on the envelopes…

these are going to loved ones with something special inside. ❤

i’ve tried gouache, but it was a bit challenging. i haven’t figured the right nib and ink consistency for them. someday i will. yes.

but i did try my vermillion ink and oh my…. soooo smooth and so badass.

the ink is actually much more vibrant than what’s shown. just trust me. i’m thinking i may use this color more often for envelopes when black is not required. wink.

what do you think? do you have a fave nib & ink you use on envelopes? color? i’m all ears and eyes. LOL.

well, until next time… have a good one. time for a morning walk. xoxo.

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