f r i Y A Y script

my script, FriYAY

happy FriYAY! LOL! so i am calling this script…. FriYAY. this is my kinda script. i love the kerning of it all. love the slant and slenderness. love where things loop up or down exaggerated. the slight bounciness too is so badass. and the hunt 101 nib makes it possible with the very thin hairlines and damn, those swells are so sexy. if there is such a thing. well there is in book. ha.

so…here’s what is happening with moi… i finally got my business license processed and paid. i am just waiting for the actual license in my hands. then… i open shop! well… as soon as i freakin’ price things. the pricing has been the most challenging for me. i just priced a piece and it came out to be over $100! wtf! i tried my hardest to tweak numbers and percentages. and still came out over 100. wow. i haven’t even included shipping and packaging. i have a hard decision here. i don’t want to low ball myself because then, i am devaluing my worth. but I also don’t want to overprice so that it never freakin’ sells. i am thinking the range of $85-$90. we’ll see. i wish i had a magic wand and say….”YO! price this shiznit!” LOL. i’ll get there. and as soon as i do…i’ll let ya know!

so happy it’s friday. ending this work week badass. hehehe.

last share…

all about the cussing

that is all. much love.

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