family scripts

my family in Leavenworth

quick post since this week has been a bit busy.

totally forgot to share this while we were in Leavenworth, WA with family. just a way to practice my calligraphy skillz. i rarely to take photos with sunlight flashing on my pieces but this one turned out pretty good, badass even.

man that hunt 101 nib just made even more special.

i love how it writes and i seem to come back to it quite often. fave. love.

anyway, i’m off to continue my day after studying for my ACE Fitness Specialist certification for 30 minutes. today’s agenda: zumba playlist & practice for tomorrow’s class, work on one of my pieces, Pixelmator tutorial, dinner prep and Selene’s soccer practice. a day in the life of calligrapher artist/Zumba instructor/mommy/wifey/boss of the household. LOL.

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