grow and be better

calligraphy on acrylic painting & canvas

woh! it has been a bit. i’ve been MIA because got with a delayed reaction to the COVID vaccine i got over two weeks ago. i was fine after i got the shot. then this past Sunday… all of a sudden i broke out in hives/rash. it started on my neck, then to my wrists, forearms and then upper arms. took a Benadryl and i was almost fine. then later that night, i broke out even more. I went to Urgent Care the next morning, got a steroid shot and a couple of Rx. I was almost good Monday, but yesterday, i was itching like a crazy. i think what triggered it even more was the ground flaxseed and hemp seeds in my smoothie. because once i took my first gulp of it, the itchiness came all of a sudden and continued all day. UGH. so far this morning is much better. i’m on day 4 of this debacle. hoping it subsides and goes away all together. if it doesn’t clear by this weekend, I may have to go the ER or my primary doctor to get checked. crossing my fingers.

anyway….onto calligraphy & art…

used a brush pen for my calligraphy quote

sometimes i change it up by doing some other form of art… like this acrylic painting + calligraphy combo on a flat canvas. i think what made this piece was the doodling on the florals. that was the final touch. I used leftover paint my daughter was using on her project. i just kept painting til it was all gone and this is what came of all that.

i may just have to put this one up in my shop too. that reminds me gotta check up on my BL and payment if it was received and processed and when my license will be mailed out to me. i want this in my hands before i can open up.

anyway… you may see more of this type of canvas in my social media. i really enjoy doing stuff like this on canvas.


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