It’s about the process too…

Purple acrylic paint on mini canvases

Oh my… it has been a bit, hasn’t it? I’ve been busy with learning how to use Pixelmator and now Adobe Illustrator while doing a few projects here and there. This is my latest. And I’ve been enjoying every minute of it.

These 6×6 canvases have been so fun to play with. Can hardly wait until it’s all done. So excited.

Early this morning i did a test practice on another canvas surface to see which was the best to write with. Paint brush + black paint or brush pen or a pigment ink pen. Which one?

Calligraphy practice in different styles with different writing tools

I picked the pigment ink pen, UniPen. It gave the most opaque, smooth look and just matched the style of what I was looking for. I just may have to buy a set of these.

Next step? Inking on the the five words on these canvases. Oh yes.

Until next time… xoxo.

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