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greeting cards are my jam. I use to scrap up cards using my scrapbook supplies back in the day. Nowadays, i love just doing it with my pointed pen and sumi ink and watercolor paints (actually any type of paint will do). I just find this style is more me. plus i enjoy this process way better than before.

i really love just randomly creating washes of paint over watercolor color. and yes i love the mushrooming effect. I know some folks feel that is just not a good look…but i think…. it’s dabombdotcom! LOL.

i did 2 cards for father’s day, this blue one and another with green tones and a little bit of yellow.

here’s the other one…

did i say greeting cards are my jam?

and oh this one with dark red tones…

this is now in the hands of someone who has achieved a great accomplishment.

and finally, and these details belong to a card for a new home purchase…

i’m so happy how this one turned out and will definitely use this design again. so grateful for sketches. i plan on digitizing it for future projects.

i just love the simplicity of this but it sends a great message to the receiver of such a happy time in their lives.

I am so grateful to have had the pleasure of creating these and putting a smile on everyone’s faces. ❤

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