calligraphy art

Burgundy Wine Monstera

Watercolor painting in burgundy red-purple tones of awesome monstera leaves with a bright white acrylic paint background

i was so inspired by one of CatCoq’s skillshare class with this one. originally this only had the middle leaf but I added three more to fill up some of the negative space. the middle one was lonely. these 3 were a nice accompaniment. I had some leftover red & blue paint from a previous project and decided to combine a little together to come up with this color palette. i’m in love.

the finale was adding the white acrylic paint. honestly it was to cover up some of the other paint that smeared that I just couldn’t erase out. then I thought, why not brush it all over as a background to make the leaves stand out. YES. glad I did it.

I may sneak in one word somewhere in there, calligraphy style of course. just haven’t decided what word and where. that word will find me and once it does, it’s gonna end up in here.

it’s amazing how colors seem to change from outside to indoors. i kinda like that. yup.

can’t wait to tackle more color.

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