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Eyelashes Artist Birthday Card

eyelashes artist birthday card

yes! let me say something… I LOVE THIS CARD! yup! this birthday card turned out dabombdotcom! this was made for a very talented lady who is in the beauty industry and one of the things she specializes is eyelashes extensions. This suits her just right. and btw… today just happens to be that extra special day.

I used both a high flow acrylic paint in gray by Golden, watercolor paints from olive green by Prima Marketing, Finetec (gold metallic) and Hydracolour (green metallic accent lines). for the eyelashes I simply used a finalizer by Faber-Castell, their Pitt-Artist pen collection. and that water color paper i used for this was of course my go to, Canson.

Side note… i recently purchased a new brand of watercolor paper that was highly recommended by Jenna Rainey (one of my faves!), the Legion Stonehenge…. and ahem! i’m thinking this may be one of my go-to’s too! it’s so amazing! the colors just look vibrant on it and the sucker can take quite a bit of water! so try it!

moving on…

eyelashes artist birthday card indoors

i used a pointed pen with sumi ink for my modern calligraphy script on the front. the inside was left blank like all other cards i make handmade. i am so in love with that writing and the layout of it all. and… i did not make one mistake! yes! i got it right on the first try. well it did help to sketch it in pencil first. i’ve learned my lesson sketching it out first before inking. i’ve messed up big time on a couple of cards and had to start all over because of either misspelling or that dang big blob drip that just ruins it and make me slap my big forehead. lol. literally.

for now this is how i’ve signing off my cards on the backside. it will do for now. but i have been debating on getting a custom made stamp done from an Etsy shop someday. but like i said, this will do just fine… plus i kinda love how i calligraphed it out on here anyway. i may have to base the stamp on this. hmmm.

before I let you go on with your day ( btw… thank you for always coming by!)…. here’s what the card looks in natural light outside (cloudy day)…

outdoors on a beautiful cloudy day, the color are so vibrant

did i say that i just love this birthday card? and that greeting cards are my jam? well there ya go.

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