acrylic sign, calligraphy art, quotes and words

Acrylic signs with Calligraphy quotes

WOW! I love how these turned out! just a few brush strokes of acrylic paint on the back side and then brush calligraphy using a Posca marker on the front. and voila! simple pieces of art that pack a punch of color. plus i love these quotes.

but before inking them, i traced the quotes with a Stabilo All-in-One Pencil. I’ve learned to sketch before the final inking really helps out. believe me i’ve inked first …. and then… made a big boo boo, then would have to start over. frustrating. lesson learned from now on and forever. LOL.

this substrate is alright….but i did notice a piece chipped off my purple sign. boo. but…it will do for now. but for the future, i will have to try something much more sturdier, thicker and that does not curl up like this one.

what else has been going on? I’ve pivoted a little bit on opening shop. ugh. we’re going on another trip for so it just does not make sense to open it now. after vacation. yes. but I have been exploring the print-on-demand route, RedBubble and Society6. i am definitely going that way along with the Etsy shop. I have a few pieces that are a little too thick (canvases) to put in a scanner plus, I think they would be nice in someone’s home or office instead of just sitting around my house. they need a home. I still plan on using the photos i’ve taken of them and putting it thru my Faster Scan app. btw, that app is dope! i have yet used them for my canvases but have on flat pieces and it works like a real scanner.

anyway…i know i know…i’m putting things off…. but I have a feeling there’s a reason why. everything happens for a reason. yup. stay tuned….

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