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this oh so funny birthday card – “Whaaat!” You’re how old! Naaah!”

birthday card with long calligraphy style birthday sentiment quote and illustration


I made this card for a funny “young” fella. and yes he does look like this. LOL. no joke!

I had so much fun making this one. and i love that fact it’s just simple but bold because of the black & white theme. i actually made a few cards with this exact medium/style. it’s my B&W Collection as I am calling it. and i most likely will do something similar for another occasion. No color, no watercolor, no paint. just sumi ink in water color paper attached to a thick cardstock.

and the calligraphy stands out as it should and makes that statement, literally and aesthetically.

i am actually pleasantly surprised i was able to doodle this head or half the head. on the first try too. i am not much of an illustrator when it comes to doing people. but this turned out so cool. patting myself on the back. hehehe.

i’ve got more to come when it comes to this style. i’ll be sharing them as soon as each card is delivered out to the dope-ass recipient.

birthday card with humorous calligraphy sentiment and illustration

i wanted to share my purple mini canvases… but yeah…i’m holding off until i get them stocked in my shop. believe me i want to share so bad, but gotta hold off. but i have finally started stocking my Etsy shop. it’s taking sometime but i’ll get there. and I will let you all know of my launch date as soon as i’m good and ready. patience is all i ask.

much love.

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