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Black & White Collection Birthday Cards – Lovely Lady & Birthday Girl

August is all about the B&W. using just black ink on white is so boss. sometimes you don’t need extra color to make a statement. these are card #’s 2 & 3. I’ll share the last one towards the end of this month after I’ve delivered it to it’s awesome recipient.

i’ve been adding listings to my Etsy shop. so far i’ve got 4 on there. my goal is to start with 10. wish me luck. i’m excited but also nervous. but i’m gonna go with the flow and taking my time. i don’t want to be in hurry. from what i heard, when you do that, that’s when things can go haywire. la-di-da-di. lol.

what else have i been up to? well, i have been diving into learning how to use Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop to further my calligraphy art skills. I have a better understanding of vectorizing my artwork. and it’s so cool to learn about ways, tricks and tips in using both softwares. i’ve been really into learning about surface, seamless and half drop pattern design in Skillshare. lots of it! it’s so amazing and i’m falling in love with it. i’ve been also getting inspiration in Pinterest, all patterns from animal, insects, geometric shapes, florals, abstract art. so much to learn. i’ve also been diving into pattern design using Procreate app too. here’s something i’ve done:

Citrus pattern using Procreate

i can’t wait to get started on another one. but the next time i do will be in AI, just to change it up and apply what i’ve learned.

Oh, by the way i have already opened up my RedBubble shop with the above floral pattern with the black background. this design is on so many products that you can purchase and enjoy. i’ve bought a couple of products from other designers, an art print and greeting card and they are pretty good quality. Shop here. let me know what ya think.

i’m thinking of adding some calligraphy to either one of these or maybe on my next one.

so much inspo out there! which also can be overwhelming too. in a good way.

what have you been up to? what inspires you? i’m all ears.

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