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Collection of Mini Square Canvases with White Leaves Motifs on Deep Purple Background

word sentiment canvases

yay! here they are! woot woot! these babies are so fun! i am listing each one individually in the shop that will be launching soon. yes! can’t wait to see who’s home, office, dorm, or living area room each one will be displayed beautifully in. shop launch date will be announced in the near future!

anyway, each canvas measures at 5″ x 5″ x 1.5.” they are pretty chunky which i so love. I painted the background with a deep, dark purple acrylic paint. the Titanium White leaf motif on each piece is brush painted with a thick body acrylic that was diluted with a tiny bit of water. this white wash was still thick enough to create a texture while also thin enough to reveal a little bit of the background color.

i wrote each inspirational word on each motif in a monoline calligraphy script with a black pigment ink fineliner, which is water- and fade-proof.

i sealed all the canvases with an acrylic sealer to waterproof and fadeproof and prevent any yellowing of the artwork.

I’ll be sharing each one in later posts to show close up details. i am so proud of each and everyone of them! i want to hoard them but… i think someone would just love to have them and I would be so happy and honored to let them go. wink.

see ya soon!

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