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hope… purple & white mini canvas

hope… square mini canvas calligraphy & painting artwork

as promised, here’s the first of the five mini canvases in this collection. you can read about the whole collection here in my previous post.

as you see this one is entitled “hope.” we all hope for the best, the good in everything and everyone, in a situation, moment or phase that is going in one’s life.

i personally am…

i am currently going thru a situation for the past 5+ years with someone i love. we are not on the same page at the moment, our relationship has become strained these past years. i have tried to mend it, but have come at a point where i can only do so much and have told myself that i must go on with life and for now leave this one be. let the other flourish, go on with their life and live it without me. but… i’m in the very background. i hope one day, we can talk, and go from there. hope right now is all i got going for this relationship.

so calligraphy and art have helped cope with stuff like this. i am so grateful for these forms, they’ve both got me thru lots of stuff.

i hope if you are going thru some tough times, that you find some peace in whatever you do. just make sure to take care of you, have a support system to get thru it. things will fall into place, if not today, maybe tomorrow, or a week from now or even a year. yes. it may take that long, but you got this

i’ve got this.

outdoor view of this awesome art canvas piece with a dark purple background, white leaf motif and monoline calligraphy script

tomorrow i’ll be sharing canvas #2. until then, keep the faith.

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