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love… #3 of 5 of calligraphy mini canvas art pieces

love mini canvas acrylic painting + monoline calligraphy style

yes… another post in one day! wow! but this will be a quick post, because life and biz must go on.

this is the third installment of the collection…

don’t you just “love” this one? LOL. i sure do.

This word is universal and says it all. it is the word and feeling i believe is the most important in life and of course relationships. duh. smh. lol. and i’m so grateful for it and for the people in my life who feel this way towards me and says it to me on the daily. and do the same for them, especially my family and close friends. and damn it, i feel this way about this biz! just grateful, blessed.

❤ .

my hope is that you have this too and if not, I hope you find it. there is more than enough in this world to give and receive. yup. am i getting mooshy? aaah yeah i am!

out in the sunshine to reveal that deep purple background

can’t wait to share the next one!

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and check out my IG account too! it has videos showing off all three of these beauties. stay tuned for more… until we meet up again…. love… thrive… and hope.

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