calligraphy art

thrive – calligraphy canvas art painting

thrive, the 2nd of the collection of mini canvas calligraphy art pieces

love this word…. thrive.

This word is actually my One Little Word for this past year. So much has happened since this year started and this is the perfect word to desribe me. I’ve got a website started, i created a separate IG account for my biz, researched and researched and researched the heck out of starting a creative business thru books and courses, youtube, and skillshare, subscribed and still learning Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to digitize and vectorize my artwork, and now finally listing and will soon launch my Etsy shop the first week of September. i still have a lot to learn.

so this piece of goodness sums it up big time…

this has been such an overwhelming experience, in a good way. i have been able to be creative in two ways, calligraphy and using different mediums and substrates to express this creativity. i just love mixing different mediums with different substrates like using acrylic paint and then adding beautiful writing in modern calligraphy. yeah like this.

i intend to keep going on.

outdoor view with lots of sunshine

next up is canvas #3… stay tuned. let me know what you think so far of the collection. you can check out the full collection here and the “hope” cutie here. see ya soon!

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