acrylic sign, calligraphy art, canvas

grateful – No. 4 of the Mini Canvas Collection

grateful… calligraphy on white motif and purple background 5×5 canvas

here we go… another round of the collection… canvas No. 4, grateful.

I had said what I am grateful for in a previous post for the “love” canvas yesterday. the people who mean the most to me: my hubby, my daughters, my family and my besties/closest friends.

What else am i grateful for? hmmm… let’s see, let me list out a few:

Calligraphy + art (any medium)…. because it’s an outlet for creativity, fun, a way to relax, get my mind off things, play with ink and color, creating for others to bring some happiness…

my lil corner office…. it’s where i do my calligraphy + art… all the above….

color…. without life would be just boring, it brings an emotion/feeling/memory…

black & white/neutrals…. well, sometimes, you don’t need color to make a statement or create, it’s simplicity is bold in itself…

ZUMBA!!!!…. because i love teaching it, it’s my thang, i love to dance, i love the music, i love the brand, it has reminded me what community is to me, and did i say i love to dance!

technology…. what can i say? hello… this blog, social media, online selling, online community, etc, etc.

that’s just a few… i am grateful for a LOT of things! how about you? list it out why don’t you!

let’s get back to our sponsors…. LOL….

more deets on this “grateful” piece…

so far we now have hope, thrive and love.. and this one. what’s left? well you’ll have to wait and see. LOL.

letting the sun light show this piece off

gotta go! teaching a class in a couple of hourZ! see ya tomorrow for the final installment. xoxo.

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