acrylic sign, calligraphy art, canvas, quotes and words

here’s No. 5… INSPIRE … of the purple and white mini canvas collection (edited)

inspire.. in a monoline calligraphy script on white botanical leaf motif + deep, dark purple background

yes… this is the final cutie in my collection. and i love the word… inspire.

i am inspired by my fave artists, social media, color, Pinterest, calligraphers, family, friends, my Zumba students, music, dance, nature, photos i’ve taken in the past, places we’ve traveled to.

as they say… inspiration is freakin’ everywhere! use it yo!

so… i’m thinking most likely i will be launching my Etsy shop the first week of September! right now i have ten listings ready to go. but i may add a couple more or so. we’ll see. i’ve been tweaking my SEO on each listing especially after listening to an Etsy podcast. crossing my fingers i did right by each listing.

anyway there you go. i announced it.

wanna see the others in the collection… you can check out my previous posts for each of them: hope …. thrive …. love …. and grateful.

last little detail to share of this “inspire” piece…

love it? yes you do. maybe it can be yours. can’t wait for you to get in my shop!

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