acrylic sign, calligraphy art, canvas, quotes and words

LIVE LOVE LAUGH – 3 little canvases with a punch

LIVE LOVE LAUGH – set of 3 square canvases with block lettering and botanical leaf motifs

i so love this set. i love each word, each painting, each motif. you can go to my IG account @designsbyjhenn for the reasons why i love this set and what it means to me. but it can mean A LOT of stuff to different people. another reason why this set i love and it’s so versatile and diverse. I made it awhile back but now it really needs a home.

each piece in the set is 3.75″ x 3.75″ x 1.5″, painted with white acrylic paint background, painted with a botanical leaf in an outline style doodle, hand lettered in Posca markers, and finally splatters were randomly added as the final touch.

what i think gives a little more interest to these (well, so do the other details), is how each word is arranged, like a staircase. i’m so happy with the typography style i chose for these little cuties.

what do you think? do you live by these words? i sure do.

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