calligraphy art

shine bright like a diamond

shine diamond in watercolor + calligraphy

so the title gives it away…. well if you are familiar with that song. ya know… the song by rihanna, “Diamond.” yup that song inspired me to do this all of a sudden as you can tell with the random washi tape, inkings, and pencil marks up on top. i just heard this song (that I had not heard in years), light bulb (ding), sketched out the shape and the word, grabbed whatever scrap watercolor paper that was available, accidentally tore the top left and said oh well, i’ll tape it up. then painted and inked like a madwoman. LOL. i’m so dramatic. hahaha.

there are a lot of songs that inspire me in both my art and in when I create choreography for my Zumba classes. they give me that creative vibe push that i need to get on it and go with the flow.

i kept listening to this song over and over, posted in my IG & FB stories. I currently use it a cool down stretch song in my Z classes too.

this song brought me back to when we were stationed at Edwards AFB, CA in 2012. it made me think of those times when we would drive across the desert, across the waterbeds to get to Palmdale on a Friday night or when we would go for a trip to Santa Monica. the girls loved this song, they loved rihanna and me too! i love how music just sparks memories and makes you smile and be extra happy.

so this piece is dedicated to my girls. love. they…. shine bright like a diamond in our world.

a few more shots….

and I couldn’t help but go outside in the morning around 7:36 am, the sun was casting an orange glow and kinda loved what it did to the glitter and metallic of some of the watercolor paint….

so here it is. oh that shine, oh that sparkle. sigh.

well, this has been scanned. it needs some clean up and i’m planning to vectorize it to use on a card, art prints, and other products like a phone case. ooh that sounds like a plan.

have a good one!

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