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More birthday greeting cards… yes!

this month of September has been full of birthdays galore! and that means cards, cards, cards! like these two.

I am so loving the green and red in this birthday cake card. i love this combo. you don’t see this color scheme on cards too much. well at least I haven’t seen much of it. these complementary colors go so well together.

those splatters were so on point too (no pun intended). I just can’t get over this color combo. must use again.

and this one with the neon bright colors just makes these birthday banners so fun! i really love this card! and damn it… the calligraphy is badass too! BOOM.

it’s unfortunate though, when you try to print neon bright colors, they don’t turn out as great. boo. aaah well. if you know of a trick, let me know i’m all ears, eyes, open, whatever. hahaha.

i’ve got about maybe 3 more to share in the coming days. i told ya this month is full of birthday celebrations. and that’s why i love what i do. always something to create. yes.

see ya. xoxo.

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