calligraphy art

White & Black Botanical Pattern

White & Black Surface Pattern Design by Designs by Jhenn

woh! bomb ass pattern! and this pattern design of mine was recently featured as part of Society6‘s sale promotional email this past Sunday… they showed off the wrapping paper on my shop….

i’ve been getting into surface pattern design lately. oh… no i’m not forgetting my calligraphy art! NO WAY! but… i think this pattern design stuff is gonna be part of my biz. i love doing it and it’s a nice break from just doing calligraphy. art sometimes has no words. pun intended. LOL.

if you don’t know what Society6 is… you can find out more here and here. to sum it up, an artist submits their design on their site, and these designs show up on products like phone cases…

phone case with my White & Black Botanical design

on a mug like this one…

… and what about this tote bag…

the size of this tote fits quite a bit of your essentials

… and then there’s this laptop sleeve that my MacBook Air nicely fits in….

…. and lastly… this wrapping paper that comes in a package of 5…. is to die for and i don’t know if i want to give this away or even wrap any presents with (LOL, eventually i must let them go!)….

and btw… having those grid lines on the reverse side is something i love in wrapping paper and damn it, it makes your job easier and quicker to wrap those lovely goodies!

OMG! OMG! can i say that again? OMG! i was pretty giddy when i got that email and saw my design and it showed up as the first one and it was right beside one of my fave artists, CatCoq. (she is dabombdotcom! i love her artistry and her biz sense.)

this just inspired me to create and list more especially on S6. i can’t wait to add more on there…. gotta get creating! go!

thanks in advance for all the love and support! until my next post… have a good one!

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