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Dulce Chocolate, Aaah Yeah! more cards…

I’ve been back from vacation and i’m back into the routine of things. it was a bit of an adjustment coming from a vacation at the beach. We were in Panama City Beach for a few days and i really wished we stayed four more days, but we had to get back to reality. yes reality. LOL.

before i get into what i’ve been up to since i got back, i needed to share these two cards from last month that i handmade.

this cupcake… i actually had to play it off a bit because i had messed up on the writing but sort of saved by adding a little gold…

it’s not my best brush calligraphy skills but i do love the colors in this one. my fave is that bright green-yellow and i do like how i wrote out “Dulce CHOCOLATE.” i’ll prob use this design again but do better on the writing next time. i’m thinking i’ll digitize out the calligraphy in PS so I can use this again. whatcha think?

and here’s this card…

what do i love about this one? simplicity. balloons. that sentiment. what’s not to love?

September was a busy a month of birthdays. this month is a bit of a break from the birthday theme. i only had one. i will share that in another post.

since i got a break from this theme…. i tackled another theme of greeting cards. here maybe you can tell what it is…. just few snippets of what i’ve been up to…. i’m still in the design phase….

i bet you can’t guess what the theme is? LOL. I’ll be so ever “thankful” if you guess right. LOL. clue check.

so before I end this post…. here are some sneak peaks of the paintings I did at the beach condo where we were staying… all inspired by what i saw or something related to our beachy adventure…

oh you want to see more? well… you’ll have to wait and see in a future post.

the wait will be worth it. i promise.

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