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…the best in the whole wide world card

Greeting Card for the best person in your life

how can you show or say to someone they mean so much to you? did they recently do a big favor for you that changed your life? or made you smile big time? what about the person who has always been around with you through thick and thin? how are you going to let them know how you feel about them?

well here’s how and it leads me into sharing one of my newest creations…

this card was made as a birthday card…but i think you can also use it as a way to say how grateful you are for that special person who has touched your life in one or more ways. i am liking this title, it can mean a lot of things. plus it has a bit of uniqueness that you don’t usually see.

i am so loving those dark, navy polk dots on that gift box. they’re fun and kinda corky (in a good way!). that shade of red lets them pop off the card. so adorable.

this is pretty much my only birthday card this month. not as busy as last month, which is nice because that means i can focus creating other goodies.

what have i have worked on or what’s a work in progress? here’s a sneak peek…

calligraphy in shapes… watercolor paintings galore… digital calligraphy art… sampling cardstock for one of my thank you cards in a collection… designing my next two greeting card collections… and sketching out something for the xmas holiday.

i’ve also been thinking of revamping my Etsy shop. it’s been open for over a month and a half now. it has been a slow process. i did make a change to it… FREE SHIPPING! and by the end of this month, i’ll have to rethink my SEO strategy as well. One of the things i am thinking of doing is adding or making a change from originals to art prints and maybe digital downloads. It may reach more of the market and accommodate different budgets.

and also focusing on my Society 6 shop. i have two listings as of now. i have to list more. and will. i just want to make sure to upload good quality work.

i’m taking my time. i would rather have a listing of 5 good quality art pieces than 20 not so good.

i do feel a little frustrated at times but then say to myself… don’t rush, take your time, but do it. i am enjoying this process. and that’s what matters.

so for those of you out there, who are in the same journey as me, or already in it… don’t give up. keep it up. take your time. just keep going.

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