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Struggle & Strength Calligraphy Quote

Modern Calligraphy quote in circle shape

There are times when i just want to keep it simple in my design. Like this one. I love this. and I got a lot of love for it too. supplies used in the final piece? my Nikko G nib, pen holder, black sumi ink and Canson watercolor paper. yup that’s it!

of course… this actually took me about two hours total to do because of prep work too.

but still, worth it and love it.

i found this quote on my Pinterest and had to calligraph it. it resonates big time with me and i’m pretty sure with whole lotta peeps! a good example is running my small business, it has been a very slow process but i keep going. this also goes with relationships, like for myself… i have one where things have been rocky but i decided to take a break from it for a little bit and hope for the best in the future. my hope is, if you’re going through some tough/challenging times, is that you get through it and don’t stop living your life. life is short, so live it up.

dthis morning i had a brilliant idea of doing my calligraphy in other shapes (i know i am not the only one who’s thought of this). how about in a beverage shape? cocktail? coffee? beer? mocktail? lemonade? ice tea? your fave drink? what do you think? which one?

thinking thinking…now it’s time to create! have a good one!

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