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Wash Your Worries Away Calligraphy + Watercolor

Wash Your Worries Away in Modern Calligraphy on light Watercolor Wash Background

This piece finally got to its final destination, to an awesome family and home.

It was quite an ordeal of how long it got to her. It took over a month! yes a month! why? well… my fault for forgetting to write in the house # in the address. Ugh. But luckily it came back to me undamaged and I re-mailed right away…and it took 4 days. LOL. so…here’s your lesson of the day….verify, verify, confirm those addresses. DON’T DO WHAT I DID. SMH.

anyway, this piece was simple but it got the point across. a funny (depends on how one wants to interpret it) quote she requested for her guest bathroom.

simple brush calligraphy of black sumi ink with a slightly stiff paint brush plus a little inking with one of my uni pens on a 11″x15″ Strathmore watercolor paper. the calligraphy is set on a light wash of payne’s gray watercolor paint.

A simple piece like this with a quote that makes you think one or the other can add so much to a room. Sometimes simple is the best. and i love creating them. (let me know if you need a custom piece made).

calligraphy words + ink + watercolor paint = bliss. enough said.

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