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Digital Art: Brave Wings Butterfly

This quote says it all. You can interpret this in so many ways. I think taking risks, small and big ones, is a necessity. how are you going to know if you don’t try it out? It may work, it may not, but at least you tried, keep trying or move on.

This would be be such a great gift as an art print for the young lady as encouragement and inspiration during a time of her life of change, like going to college or going for that dream job and getting it! Hey this would even be such a nice decorative accessory for your adorable baby girl who has yet taken her first baby steps. Wow. so many ways to use this one.

here it is without the calligraphy quote…

the artwork without calligraphy quote

i created this butterfly and the calligraphy in Procreate.

I got this app a couple of years ago and have been using it ever since. I normally do my artwork with watercolor paints, but sometimes i just feel like doing it digitally. I love doing calligraphy in it too. there are so many resources, tutorials, free brushes and those worth paying for to use this app. one of the best inventions ever! if you don’t have, i highly recommend you try it, it is a total game changer! If you are an iPad user, you can get it in the App Store and you only have to pay it once, no subscription and they are constantly coming up with updates that are free! do it. (But for those who are not iPad user, I am sure you can find something similar).

here’s a screenshot of the layers i used for this artwork…

I pretty much used a layer for each piece of the butterfly, like the body, wings, details. I also used a separate layer for the quotes, split into two parts.

Using layers enables you to easily edit, recolor, a part of your piece like a piece of cake! so USE LAYERS! i used Drawing Assist to help with drawing the butterfly and Alpha Lock to add details.

Oh tip… I use Alpha Lock, if i know for sure I won’t need to do any future edits. I use Layer Masks and Clipping masks for when I know I will want to make changes on details or colors for future projects. There are so many tutorials on youtube on learning how to use these! endless tuts! my go to is Everyday Tuesday with Teela Cunningham. She is boss when it comes to using Procreate. In fact, her channel was the first one i ever came across using this app and how to use it. she is so full of knowledge and such an awesome instructor!

other faves:

Wooly Pronto

My McDoodles

Art with Flo

Ghost Paper

to name a few on YouTube.

I am also an avid student on Skillshare too. oh btw you can get a free month trial to Skillshare by clicking here: FREE MONTH of Skillshare. and if you use this link, not only do you get free month, if you share this with another friend and they complete their first payment, you can get another free month! good deal huh?

I’ve been a Skillshare user for over 2 years now…. my ultimate fave instructor is Cat Coquillete aka Cat Coq. she has a few Procreate classes that you can vamp up your skills with.

I hope you try these out, it’s another way of branching out with your passion of art and a whole different world.

get going. xoxo

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