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Happy Thanksgiving: Combining Digital and Analog Art + Calligraphy

Digital + Analog Art + Calligraphy

thought I would pop in real quick before tomorrow’s festivities. for those who celebrate: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! I hope you have a wonderful one. We have lots of family coming in from out of town, so i thought a little advance greetings would be good.

So, I love to combine analog watercolor painting, digital art and calligraphy together. here I first did a painting of the pumpkins we picked out in october (click thru the slideshow):

here’s a little sneak into what I did in Procreate using all these cute pumpkins:

Procreate of the Happy Thanksgiving artwork

i first cleaned up my watercolor paintings of the pumpkins in Photoshop: removed the background, isolated each of them in its own layer, enhanced the colors and then arranged them as you see here.

brought the image into my Procreate app, added a textured background, calligraphy with color and shadows and voila! so easy peasy! btw, grouping and renaming your work keeps each object/layer organized and clean… and also if you ever need to make changes, you just go to the layer or add and then enhance. < — layers layers layers! they are a must!

here’s a little bonus… patterns! I created all these babies in Photoshop.

Photoshop makes it so easy to create patterns and come up with different color variations. You can also do it Procreate and Illustrator as well! I’ve done patterns in all three! but right now i’ve been into PS. I’ve learned quite a bit these past few months using PS. I was pretty intimated at first, but i kept learning from youtube and skill share, and practiced, practiced, practiced… and now i much more comfortable using it and creating art.

what do you use to create your art? are you only analog, or only digital, or both? If you love digital art, what app or software do you love to create with?

No matter what you use, make sure to enjoy the process, do little by little, share it if you want, and keep creating and practicing!

Until next time… have a wonderful holiday, eat up and enjoy your family and friends and be safe!


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