calligraphy art

Green Red Parol – Filipino Christmas Holiday Star Lantern Artwork

Wood Mounted Printed at RedBubble

so I finally uploaded a new design in my RedBubble shop.

after so much cleaning up, isolating each parol (Filipino Christmas/Holiday start lantern) watercolor painting in Photoshop which took forever, i’ve finally got one of them checked off my list. My laptop and Photoshop have been lagging so bad! It has been a frustrating time getting it to this final result. So honestly this is going to be a short post.

I also have this same design in my Society6 shop as well.

here’s some of the products in my RB shop:

This is just a few of the many products with my design on it. They really came out great!

Here are a few I think are my faves:

These would be such fun holiday gifts! But man, I feel like I should at least get something for myself, especially with how everything went down with a lagging computer and software.

Thanks for stopping by! (I’m actually still looking forward to uploading new stuff!)

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